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Embedded (No Bus Connectors) high efficiency, high powered PC/104 form factor power supply with extended temperature capabilities

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  • 154 W total output power
  • +3.3V@10A,+5V@10A,+12V@5A
  • -12V@0.5A,+5V Standby @ 1A
  • PC/104-Plus, PCI-104, PC/104
  • PCI/104-Express, PCIe/104 expansion
  • Fully meets PC/104 component
  • Height requirements
  • Uses latest generation highest efficiency power controllers, inductors, and MOSFETs
  • Oversized MOSFETs for improved thermal performance (heat sinking not required)


Datenblatt Download PSG0012
Erweiterter Temperaturbereich -40°C bis 85°C
Formfaktor PC/104

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